Shine In Your Own Spotlight

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Shine In Your Own Spotlight

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In order to capture success—unparalleled success, that is—it takes more than simply having a mindset tuned to success. It is also not enough to live in the shadow of successful people, thinking, hoping and wishing that somehow their successes will miraculously manifest themselves into your reality.

Living in the shadow of another person, well, all that does is stunt your growth, stifle your creativity, and minimize the essence of your personhood. So rather than copy and imitate successful people, study and analyze their success strategies so as to capture, convert and implement your own unique version of success.

And while it is wise to study the lives of winners and learn their success secrets, wouldn’t it be great to live in your own spotlight and have others erect monuments to your success endeavors rather than imitating your way to success? So give the world a peep into the authentic you—that phenomenal and amazing person you are.

Takeaways to Keep in Mind

  • True success is tied to your authentic self.
  • Your passion gifts you with the ability to work steadily toward your goals.
  • The best way to fulfill your potential is with patience and persistence.

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23 thoughts on “Shine In Your Own Spotlight

  1. This is great! I like how you talk about being inspired by successful people but tailoring it to yourself rather than just copying it. We are all so unique and can be successful in different ways by realizing what our given passions are and putting them to work!

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  2. “Your passion gifts you with the ability to work steadily toward your goals.” Wow. That struck me. I can be confident that I will stick with whatever goal I have if I’m truly passionate about it. I think that I doubt my own enthusiasm or dedication to my goals thereby sabotaging myself. As in “I’ll never accomplish that. I’ll burn out before anything comes of it.”) Thanks for this confidence-building idea.

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