Writing Is MY Way Of Life

Writing is MY way of life—it is my passion and true love. Writing enables me to do what I love doing the most, and that is constructing stories and experiences that give my life meaning and add value to others’ lives.

Writing is my personal journey of being to becoming. Being implies accepting and embracing ALL of me—the noble me and the flawed me, the tolerant me and the smugly moralistic me, the blithesome me and the dispirited me, the celebrated me and the unacknowledged me. Becoming suggests that I am a complete individual while welcoming opportunities to stretch beyond the limits of my creative endurance.

Writing is my teacher. Writing teaches me to regard the inestimability of human connection and relationship. Writing teaches me the value of embracing the mystery of each person’s existence—beyond race, gender, ethnicity or philosophical worldview.  

6358814111864301781095310486_writer1.jpgWriting instructs me on how to live in harmony with my community and the environment. Writing engenders the mindset and attitude of kindred spirit. Kindred spirit means we are thinking, feeling and experiencing life in a manner that sees love as the commodity of exchange in relationships.

Why You Should NOT simply Write

You should not simply write because writing tells a story—your story. What if your story is not inviting? You should not simply write because doing so exposes your inner thoughts and experiences. Why would you want the world to know about your vulnerabilities, flaws, limitations and imperfections?

But what if writing is all of those things and none of those things? What if writing is about building courage, confidence, awareness, discipline, optimism and hope? What if writing is grounded in extending compassion and participating in meaningful relationships? Perhaps, to write is be human. It could be that to write is to recognize our impermanence—our time on earth.

Writing is a lifestyle. So, do not think simply about writing. Think about what it means to be human—to be a creator. And from that place of accepting your humanity—WRITE! Write and give the world an opportunity to participate in your essence.

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67 thoughts on “Writing Is MY Way Of Life

  1. Very thoughtful! However, there are many more ways besides writing to express yourself and to “become…” Music, Acting, Art, etc. But writing is YOUR way. I appreciate that. Keep writing, keep posting. Thanks!

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  2. Brilliant post! Since I’ve started this blog I think what I’ve written has become increasingly empowering to myself, so I will happily continue writing. Like you said we are the creators. The screenwriters, directors, and the actors!

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  3. This is very eloquently stated! I loved your perception on being versus becoming! This piece gives me a lot to think about personally and encourages my writing!

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  4. I absolutely love this part:
    “Writing is my personal journey of being to becoming. Being implies accepting and embracing ALL of me—the noble me and the flawed me, ” this is a perfect description of what compels me to write! I’m such a work in progress and I relate to that fully. That was beautifully written
    Thanks for sharing!

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  5. I “feel” this. Writing is an outlet for me, a way to formulate, solidify and express thoughts; and a way to tap into my creative energies. I always wanted to write, and only dabbled in it for many years. Then I started focusing more energy on it and making it a priority in my life – and now I love it!

    I’ve been writing regularly for around 5 years now, and have no intentions of stopping.

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  6. Isn’t that the truth! i usually think of writing as my passport to all places. all countries, all worlds, the entire galaxy. even the make believe ones. writing takes me every where i want to go, and there is no immigration that can stop me!

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