Working Through The Pain

When things are tough, do the best you can! If you cannot give 100%, do the best you can. Any action is better than inaction. Right now, writing this piece is extremely difficult due to the pain I am currently experiencing in my lower back. But, I made a commitment to myself that I would write a blog post five days a week, and I intend to keep my word.

Here’s the takeaway. When you decide to dream a ridiculously impossible dream, you will face ridiculously impossible obstacles. Even so, if you have the audacity to dream a ridiculously impossible dream, then you also possess the resources and ability to overcome ridiculously impossible obstacles and setbacks.

I develop this topic more in-depth on today’s podcast. Take a listen. Peace!!

In this episode… 1. No Days Off! 2. Assess Where You Are. 3. The Magical First Step. 4. Hard Work Is Not Always Rewarded. 5. A Danish and a Bottle of Water. 6. The Ultimate Package Deal.

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29 thoughts on “Working Through The Pain

  1. Pain is a bizarre thing. Mum has a therapist who came this week and said much of our pain originates in our brain. She reminded us that pain is real, but we don’t feel it when sleeping and when two body parts hurt, our brain can only process one adequately. So, if our back and head hurt (like mine at the moment), our brain recognizes one and the others kind of are along for the ride. So, to speak. I wasn’t sure I agreed, but it was interesting! So, hoping you start to feel better and kudos for going beyond the ouch and over the obstacles.

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    • Thank you, Victoria! Yes, this pain is unlike anything I’ve experienced. But no moping here. Here’s something you’d probably find random and interesting. Eating snacks has given me some relief…no kidding. Of course, as soon as I made the connection, I “Googled” my finding to see if there was any correlation between me eating snacks and the pain subsiding, and guess what I learned. The body rewards fatty, salty, sugary foods by releasing endogenous opioids, which help control pain.

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