Are You Living Life On Your Own Terms?

Life is interesting…isn’t it?

Think of the many things we get to enjoy as human beings. Think about the technological advancements we have made just in the last century alone. It was not long ago that the idea of traveling by air was a laughable concept. Now we have the ability to travel from continent to continent, and very soon we will be able to travel to nearby planets and beyond. 

Think of the freedoms so many of us get to experience. We can choose that special person we want to spend our lives with. We can create and define our own reality through art, music, literature and film. We can transform our dreams, imagination and ideas into tangible expressions that add value to people’s lives. We can create our own opportunities through entrepreneurial innovations.

If we do have the ability to live life on our own terms, then why is it that so many people are not doing so?

Many of us are not living life on our own terms because we have voluntarily surrendered our rights. Some of us have surrendered our rights and freedom to debt. We have become slaves to credit cards, mortgage loans, auto loans and student loans. Our desire to be in possession of high-status artifacts have blinded us to the reality that debt is a destabilizing force that exponentially increases risk and the probability of fatal failure.

There isn’t anything normal about trading the best years of your life for handouts that are worth pennies on the dollar.

There are others who are not living life on their own terms because they have voluntarily surrendered their rights to an employer. Think about this. The majority of people who enter the workforce will spend most of their adult life being dependent on an employer to get ahead economically. And the bizarre thing about this neo-welfare capitalistic system is that most people think this behavior is normal.

But I get it. It is not your fault. We have been socially conditioned to believe that working an 8-5 job for thirty to forty years is normal when in reality we should be terrified. There isn’t anything normal about trading the best years of your life for handouts that are worth pennies on the dollar. 

Now, this is not to say that working for an employer is an inherently bad thing. What I am suggesting is that if you choose to work for an employer, then it would also be wise to own and operate a personal brand—perhaps as an influencer, consultant, or part-time entrepreneur—anything that can generate a steady stream of livable income. To be dependent, with the key word being dependent, on any employer—hoping that your employer will cater to your long-term financial wellness is a risk that should be carefully and thoughtfully weighed.  

There are also those who are not living life on their own terms because they have voluntarily surrendered their rights to a dysfunctional relationship. I cannot impress this upon you too often or too strongly. Ladies, the buck stops with you. I believe if every woman decides that she will never compromise the essence of her person to gain the friendship or favor of any man not worthy of her, her actions will inspire men to rise to their bestThe universe bends to the will of a woman who is aware of her identity and essence.

Lastly, there are those who are not living life on their own terms because they have voluntarily surrendered their rights to self-doubt to the point where they have become prisoners of their own thinking. Here’s what it boils down to. Whatever you think about all the time, you will attract into your life. If you think about problems, then you will attract problems of every kind. If you think about problem-solving and success, then you will attract success in magnitudes beyond your wildest dreams. 

Being alive is freedom—freedom to take responsibility for your own happiness. As soon as you decide to live your life on your own terms, the true beauty of life will begin to emerge. 


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30 thoughts on “Are You Living Life On Your Own Terms?

  1. Nice article. I understood the underlying concept of this as “many of us also surrender our freedom to fear” because fear is at the root of many of the things you mentioned. Very true… thanks for sharing.

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  2. You are so good at writing. Your articles are so interesting. I wish I could learn how to write the way you do. I am 21 years old and it’s my dream to be a good writer. I will always read your works because I’m learning from it!

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    • I appreciate your thoughtful words. You have the gift of time on your side which means you are on your way to becoming a great writer. “Greatness is the result of consistent and repeated efforts compounded over time.” -jh 😊

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  3. “…that most people think this behavior is normal.” …I have wondered about this a lot in many aspects of the ways of living. It is important to realize that what’s normal is the joy in the beginning of any choice and relationship …the purpose for which things are chosen … if that doesn’t remain any longer then …as you rightly point out we give up our freedom. Enjoyed your post very much.

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  4. Freedom is the liberation of ones spirit, while empowerment is the key that unlocks the self-imposed prison our maleficent ego has sentenced us to. It has been 10-years since I took back my life. I can still recall to the day and moment when I heard the silent witness of my soul crying out: “that’s it. I’ve had enough! I shut that part of my life behind me, and never looked back. And I’ve never been happier.

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